Interested? Apply by emailing your resume and answering why you love gelato, desserts, or coffee in under 200 words to either: OR

We're looking for full-time and part-time baristas, assistant managers, and summer interns at both of these locations. We expect to be opening our doors sometime in Spring of 2017. Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible, thank you!



Full & Part-Time

The barista is responsible for serving all products with friendly, individualized attention towards each customer. He/she is also responsible for educating customers about our premium products (coffee, gelato, drinks, and food). The barista fulfills any other duties the store manager assigns and represents The Newsroom in a professional manner.

Assistant Managers

Help to maintain the store and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Is able to perform any task in the store if necessary and is able to properly delegate assignments when necessary. Work very closely with owner and is able to communicate clearly and concisely. Immediately takes care of any customer quorums when they arise and has excellent customer service qualities. 

Needs to be highly organized, have problem solving skills and is and able to quickly take initiative. Previous barista and service is experience is required. 

Summer Intern

Business Development

Help to develop and plan business operations for Newsroom Investments. Ability ot analyze and communicate effectively data and financial statements. Needs to be highly analytical, organized and concise. Knowledge of business models, projections, and timelines is key. Bringing new ideas and expressing those ideas concisely is a bonus!

Strong communication and people skills are necessary as you will be interacting with all types of people.